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"I always look forward to Katherine's Easy Web Tips. They really DO take almost no time to get through ..."

Peter Bowerman
Author Well Fed Writer

"... she always
shares something useful ... one smart tip a week, every week."
Nick Usborne Author Net Words

"Let me just say again Kathy, this is good. I read a lot of newsletters and most are work just to get through. Yours is an enjoyable, informative breeze."
Michael Katz
Blue Penguin Development

"Thanks, also, for all the good advice you have shared with us over the past year."
Barry Hatch Managing Director Top Carpets
South Africa

   Bill Whitlatch Talks About SEO Results Porterville

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"Kathy this is Bill Whitlatch. I just wanted to let you know that we showed a man from Phoenix, Arizona property in the Lindsay-Porterville area and when I asked, 'Well, how did you determine you wanted to go with us?' 'Well I just went on the Internet,' and he says, 'you're one of the first companies to come up.' And so what you've done has worked. So we're apparently when it comes to office space, medical office, or commercial space for that busy Porterville area, we're right there at the top of the list, which is good news. So anyway thank you very much, you don't need to call me back, but I thought you'd like to know the good news thanks to you." Bill Whitlatch, The Whitlatch Group

From a couple of clients, friends, and hams ...

"I paid quite a lot of money to a web developer who did do a good job, but I needed some help ... previously I had been told, 'It's up to Google; it's up to Google; just wait for Google." Which is true to a degree, however, like most business people I don't really like waiting for other faceless organizations ... once Kathy Andes had given me some tips, my sales increased by 40% alone ... my bounce rate has dropped to about 8% ... I've probably earned eight times what I've paid her in her services, so it's definitely worth it." Andrea Drew, Impressive Resumes, Melbourne, Australia

Image of Dan and Dee Ann Losh"Kathy, I just want to let you know that since you worked on my web site, my in-store traffic is up 21% and delivered sales are up 26%. Plus my advertising costs are down 11% over the prior year, same period. Thanks!" Daniel M. Losh, Mattress Liquidators, Chesterfield, MI

Image of Dylan Conner"Kathy Andes was able to take a cookie cutter website and with only words and know-how, turn it into a top-ranked site under the keywords for my trade. I now get 100 calls a month from my website and every month I can see growth. In the high tech world we live in, I couldn't afford not to use a skilled experienced web content developer like Kathy." Dylan Conner, Mr. Appliance of the Central Valley, Hanford, CA

"There's nothing but good news on the Internet. Someone in San Jose found us. He has a place in Oakhurst. He ordered $13,000 in flooring ... I deal with a lot of professionals everyday and you are by far the most professional person I work with." Steve Richardson, Robinsons Flooring at Thomasville, Fresno, CA

Cynthia Lambakis
"We want to thank you Kathy for helping us with our website. We have started receiving calls from people who have seen our website! We are happy to say that our site is moving up on Google, thanks to Kathy’s great search engine optimization, without you this wouldn’t have been possible!" Cynthia Lambakis Ederra Design Studio, Pasadena, CA

Image of Pete Stilitano, Patio Furniture Cushions"If you recall, I complimented you during our first conversations. I was impressed with your ability to understand our business and our website needs. Today, I have a testimonial. After reviewing our analytics, I found our bounce rate has dropped dramatically by more than 30% since the rewriting of our home page. We look forward to doing a lot more work with you to improve our current website and our future plans. Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf." Pete Stillitano, Patio-Furniture-Cushions.com, Dresher, PA

Image of Mike Robinson, Robinsons Carpet One, Hanford, CA"Kathy, thanks for making my company show up at the top of Google searches with critical keywords ... and way ahead of my competitors! A lady from Caruthers found our website on the Internet. She lives way out in the country and didn't want to drive into town just to shop around. She bypassed some larger stores in bigger cities because of the quality of our website. After emailing us and speaking with us on the phone, she came into the store and ordered flooring for her whole house ... which was quite large." Mike Robinson, Robinsons Interior Carpet One, Hanford, CA

Image of Paul Lencki"My Internet business was up and running for two years without much success or calls. By the grace of God, I found Kathy. In a short time, she was able to reword the pages of my web site in such a way as to use keywords that were suitable for the product I sell. The results were immediate. The phone started ringing and the orders came. She wrote the pages so well that when they call, they're ready to buy. Come up first in the organic search without having to pay a dime to Google. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to get results and more customers." Paul Lencki, Mirrored Stainless Solutions, Waupaca, WI

"I wasn't a believer, but I've been amazed this past year at the towns new clients have come from. They all say they found us on Google. Yesterday, I met with a new client from out of town. They had searched for "Christian non-profit CPA" and our company popped right up. Thanks, Katherine!" Rich Artis, Artis & Co

"Well just to let you know, I received a call this morning from some one who found us on the Internet from Google searches. She said that every time she searched we keep popping up and she loved our site and said you did a great job so I am giving her a bid today." David Motsenbocker, Dmots Steel Buildings, Fresno, CA

"Kathy, I just wanted to take the time to drop you a line and say thank you for the great job on the website. Your attention and follow through on the project was refreshing. Although the changes have only been active for around 8 weeks, the already good phone traffic from the internet has had a dramatic change. Analytics and statistics aside, we still do it the old fashioned way, “How did you hear about us” Thanks for a great job and we look forward to future business." Larry Kapigian, Superior Air, Visalia, CA

Image of Bill Stavers, Los Angeles Dog Trainer"As a Los Angeles dog trainer, I serve a very local, specific market. Kathy was very helpful in getting more visitors to my site to call me. I'm also getting calls from other sub-local areas. Kathy kept me going, when I got overwhelmed, with her positive and optimistic support." Bill Stavers, Los Angeles, California

"Kathy, thanks for doing an excellent job forImage of Kevin Allen Pike us with keyword research, optimization of meta tags, and rewriting content. It's already getting us higher rankings in the search engines, which makes our clients very happy." Kevin Pike, Producer, Best Deals TV, Los Angeles, CA

"It seems that the new page that you did, along with the changes we made to the home page, are working. Yeah! Thank you Kathy! Sales are up this month, and we don't even have a PPC campaign going.
Vickie W., FingertipManuals.com

"Katherine did a great job of writing and optimizing my web page. She's easy to work with and did a good job of setting milestones and coming in on time and on budget with the project. I've received several positive comments from clients and visitors to my web site. I've been very pleased with all aspects of her work and highly recommend her! Alan Benoy, Alan Benoy Insurance, Visalia, CA

Image of David McCAll "Kathy, thanks for the great job on my site! I loved the way you wrote it and it has been a pleasure working with you. I will gladly send others your way." David McCall, Mr. Appliance, Southern Clark County, WA

Image of Jim Barlogio

Kathy took my web page from OK  to Great using her gifts. She can do the same for you! Jim Barlogio, Auto Shop, Visalia, CA

Image of Clare Whitlatch
"Let’s celebrate! Bill received a call yesterday from a woman who was impressed with our web site. She thought it was friendlier than our competitors. Good job." Clare Whitlatch, The Whitlatch Group, Visalia, CA

"I really love what you have done ... the ladies socks page looks great! Thanks for speeding through." Kimberly Devos Brooks, Inca Fashions

Kathy, Just thought you would like to know that I just spoke with someone from Bruce Wilkinson's [author Book of Jabez] organization, and he said that our website and banquet page are excellent. They work mostly with CPC's, and many of them do not even have a site, let alone one as nice as ours. He was practically in awe that we have such a nice site and have links to purchase tables, etc. I wanted you to know that your fame is spreading!
April Kesterson, Tulare-Kings Right to Life,
Visalia, CA

 April Kesterson

"Kathy, I deal with a lot of professionals everyday and you are by far the most professional person I work with." Steve Richardson, Robinsons Flooring at Thomasville, Fresno, CA

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