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If you are like many business owners, when you built your website, you probably skimped on your copywriting for seo and web content development.

Here’s what typically happens. You’re developing a new website and your web developer phones or emails and says, “Where’s the content?” So you grab your brochure and other marketing materials, throw some words together, and send it all off to him.

Big mistake! Thrown together content or content recycled from a brochure or other printed materials just don’t work on the Internet. And that means less leads and sales for you.

The good news is, most likely, your competitors made the same mistake. That means you have a huge opportunity to outperform your competitor — by simply redeveloping important pages on your website.

That’s what I do: Web Content Development and Copywriting for SEO.
I help my clients drive quality traffic to their web pages through search engine optimization. And, as a copywriter, I write pages that turn into leads or sales.

If that sounds good to you, give me a call 559.589.0379 or shoot me an email.

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